Knitters Block

Ive encountered artists' block many many times.  Usually at the end of a very involved painting where I had a drive to pick up my brush and furiously paint layer after endless layer of glorious colour on canvas.  Completely and utterly drained of all artistic expression and no expectations from myself to continue right away … Continue reading Knitters Block


Fisherman rib stitch hat

Fisherman rib stitch hat, I'm looking forward to starting this project because it's a fun stitch to work. And it's also a difficult one to count rows. Which should make for an interesting challenge! The pattern is by berocco, as well as, the yarn I'll be using (millefiori). I won't be using my lovely interchangeable … Continue reading Fisherman rib stitch hat

Why Swatching is important to get correct.

Oh Father Cables, You are the loveliest unisex hat I have seen in awhile. I absolutely adore your intricate stitches, with twisted seed stitch sprinkled in between. You look wonderful on womens and mens heads and I can't wait to wear my personal #SelfishKnit out in public. ..... However..... After creating a swatch and determining … Continue reading Why Swatching is important to get correct.

Knitter or just a collector of yarn?

In the beginning I didn't really question my need for more yarn, I literally needed more yarn in order to try different projects.  So instead of spending 10$ a skein at Michael's and usually overspending because....michaels.  I bought a stash from another person over Craigslist. I was so excited, 15$ for what looked like close … Continue reading Knitter or just a collector of yarn?