Mother of 3 beautiful smart and hilarious children.  Devoted wife to a devoted hubs! Crafty as a mofo 😉 I paint (oil, acrylic & watercolour), I knit, I crochet.  I will try anything once and usually give it a second shot if I don’t think i got it the first time!

        I love being outside and take every opportunity available to be crafting outside on my patio or out painting en plein air.  Of course being in canada it’s a bit chilly to do alot of the outside stuff in the winter so I mainly hibernate until spring comes! haha!  

       Knitting to me is one of the most relaxing ways to express myself creatively.  I find my stress levels go down when I figure out and hit my stride in a pattern.  Plus the satisfaction of seeing the finished object is tremendous!  

       Since I’ve started knitting and crocheting I have become very interested in making stitch markers and pom poms to use during my projects.  As such I’ve made alot of these super adorable notions that I know sell at my etsy shop!

        You can find me on tuesday nights usually knitting with the ladies at Once Upon a Sheep in Maple Ridge, B.C.  Or online here in my blog! Comment and I will reply!

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