Oh Woe is me, said the tiny tiny sweater.

Well, I did a thing…..

izzy croptop
this is the only photo of the sweater in question. it was very hard to get on her!

Which is what I thought when I stared down at my finished flax sweater for isabelle.  The “Thing” looked to fit a small infant roughly 3 months or so.  And when wiggled on by my darling daughter was pretty much a crop top ha!

This “thing” was the result of several nights knitting supplemented with boozy booze.  Which while delicious and perfectly capable of enhancing an night spent relaxing with knits, apparently does not extend that helpfulness to the accuracy of said knits………

At first I couldn’t figure out what if anything had happened.   Maybe this size is just how they figured a 2-4 year would fit???  Nah, no way.  The 4-6 year old size fit my older sons pretty bang on.  And when juxtaposed beside their sweaters it was obviously tiny.

There was also this curious narrowing to the sides of the sweater.  Instead of straight down in a square for the body it angled inwards making for a snug fit.

Finally, I couldn’t handle it anymore and I hunkered down, counting all of the stitches on the final row.








Oh….                                         My……………..                              GOSH!











Somehow I had neglected to add on 42 stitches! I couldn’t believe it.  So this sweater was literally half her size.  Live and learn,  to not drunkenly knit even the easy stuff ha!

Knit you later,


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