Market day

                     What a rush. 

But…..I’ve never been so nervous in my life and filled with general anxiety. 

I had packed my car the night before so I was ready to drive to the school the next morning. Then it was just a rush of unloading and setting up.  After that I sat around and waited for an hour or so. The setup time was available at 7 and the market opened at 10 so there was alot of time to kill before people arrived

Luckily I brought tons of product and 2 coffees so I just readjusted my table till it felt right then enjoyed a moment of peace with my coffee before the people arrived.

This first market that I am discussing was my favorite. Simply because I knew people from the school the parents from the playground, ladies and gentlemen from around town. Even some regulars from my work (Tim Hortons).

The wonderful feeling of recognition from the community and knowing you are apart of it is going to influence what markets I apply for next year.

I am thinking the local schools Harry Hooge, yennadon, Eric Langton, golden ears. Then I’d like to add in some Chilliwack markets as well probably my friends kids schools to start.

The last market I applied for was also phenomenal. I didn’t know anyone ahead of time nor did I recognize anyone in the crowd but the setup and curation of their vendors was done wonderfully! I would love to be apart of that again.

Cheers 2019 can’t wait to work markets in 2020!

8 thoughts on “Market day

  1. Oh that is so cool you did markers. My friends are always trying to talk me into doing that but I don’t think I would ever have enough product. What were your best sellers?


    1. Best Sellers were definitely the scrunchies and having them accessible for little kids to see and want to check out drew the older family members in that would eventually buy something 😉. I will be making more for this fall (if we have any craft fairs)

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      1. Oh that was a good marketing strategy🤣. One of the boys in my nephew’s class made crunches for their entrepreneur fair last year and they were the hot seller there too


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