The return of fall.

Last year, after the rush of market season, I had such lofty goals for my spring and summer knitting.  It was supposed to be filled with winter themed double sided knit hats.  Chunky gorgeous cozy hats with huge pom poms.   A rainbow of colour choices for velvety soft scrunchies.  A plethora of felted fun animal and toy friends.

This did not happen……..

Instead I came back from Mexico and the covid-19 lockdown began.   While we didn’t have a true shelter in place lockdown, up here in Canada, it did isolate us from basically everyone and everything we were used to doing.   With the threat of the pandemic and lack of social interaction my personal anxiety went thru the roof.  Thus all my grand plans for a productive spring and summer were derailed.

Now as we enter into September, the market season is rapidly approaching.  I have slowly started adding more fall items to the big box of fiber deliciousness.  There are soft felted llamas, fun knitted pumpkins and of course all the knit hats.🌟

Of course in B.C. we are beginning to have stricter social distancing procedures again.  So for the upcoming markets there may be cancellations instead of interaction. But we are playing everything by ear and if it all goes well I will be at 2 different markets with my mask on and my hand sanitizer at the ready!

Knit you later,


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