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Oh fall, the season of beautiful leaves, warm delicious drinks halloween and pumpkins growing in sprawling farm settings.As per my last post I've recently come out of a covid funk and am launching myself back into the making of things. Starting with a selection of different coloured thick squishy pumpkins for decor.To top off the … Continue reading Pumpkins

Life is a journey

This is not a yarn post,  so if your here for the fiber skip this one.  Instead this blog is about a surprise that I am glad was unearthed but is still a bit of a whoa feeling when I really think about it. I have adhd, diagnosed at the lovely age of 33. Honestly, … Continue reading Life is a journey

Jodys’ Daisies

Jody's Daisies When I was younger I mainly painted.  As I got better at painting I remember asking my mom what she would like me to paint for her? She replied,"A field of Daisies on a summer day with clouds in the sky and you see it from the top of a hill going down … Continue reading Jodys’ Daisies

Designing Patterns

The next challenge in this knitting journey is to write down and share patterns that I have created. In order to do this properly, the patterns need to be written out clearly and concisely. Then they need to be tested and the original draft pattern revised to match the recommendations found by the testers.So ......anyone … Continue reading Designing Patterns


I bought a cricut, and I assumed before I bought it that I would know what projects to do right away.This was an error in my judgement. When I opened up pinterest and searched for ideas on cricut maker projects THE SHEER VOLUME of options overwhelmed my brain. Down the dark hole, I went discovering … Continue reading Cricut

Recap of September and October markets

Knit pumpkins were popular and sold both days Everyone especially kids loved the needle felted creatures Met some wonderful individuals who absolutely fell in love with some items I created but hadn't brought any money to the market. So I may have given away a few for free 🤦‍♀️🙊 I know it goes against the … Continue reading Recap of September and October markets

2020, covid, markets and life

2020 has certainly been a change of pace. With covid-19 coming to us and the shutdown in march, we've had to re-evaluate alot of our choices. For us as a family, that meant no camping (our reservation was during the shutdown and got cancelled). Finding ways to stay home but still keep the kids entertained. … Continue reading 2020, covid, markets and life

The return of fall.

Last year, after the rush of market season, I had such lofty goals for my spring and summer knitting.  It was supposed to be filled with winter themed double sided knit hats.  Chunky gorgeous cozy hats with huge pom poms.   A rainbow of colour choices for velvety soft scrunchies.  A plethora of felted fun animal … Continue reading The return of fall.

2020 update

well its march 27th 2020, and the world is currently knee deep in the Covid-19 Pandemic. Two months ago we were watching the news, feeling concerned for wuhan in the hubei province of china, as they struggled under the wave of cases. Now its made its' way thru our airports, which were left open and … Continue reading 2020 update

Craft Market Prep 2

Test run a setup of your table before your Market! This allows you to tweak your setup and change what you don't really enjoy or maybe ask others My first market set up, at home the test run. For myself I ended up abandoning my table concept completely and went with crates stacked two high … Continue reading Craft Market Prep 2